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Laravel Support

Laravel-RediSearch allows for indexing and searching Laravel models. It provides a Laravel Scout driver.

Getting Started


composer require ethanhann/laravel-redisearch

Register the Provider

Add this entry to the providers array in config/app.php.


Configure the Scout Driver

Update the Scout driver in config/scout.php.

'driver' => env('SCOUT_DRIVER', 'ehann-redisearch'),

Define Searchable Schema

Define the field types that will be used on indexing


namespace App;

use Laravel\Scout\Searchable;
use Ehann\RediSearch\Fields\TextField;
use Ehann\RediSearch\Fields\GeoField;
use Ehann\RediSearch\Fields\NumericField;
use Ehann\RediSearch\Fields\TagField;
use Ehann\RediSearch\Fields\GeoLocation;

class User extends Model {
    use Searchable;

    public function searchableAs()
        return "user_index";

    public function toSearchableArray()
        return [
            "name" => $this->name,
            "username" => $this->username,
            "location" => new GeoLocation(
            "age" => $this->age,

    public function searchableSchema()
        return [
            "name" => TextField::class,
            "username" => TextField::class,
            "location" => GeoField::class,
            "age" => NumericField::class

Import a Model

Import a "Product" model that is configured to be searchable:

artisan ehann:redisearch:import App\\Product

Delete the index before importing:

artisan ehann:redisearch:import App\\Product --recreate-index

Import models without an ID field (this should be rarely needed):

artisan ehann:redisearch:import App\\Product --no-id

Query Filters

How To Query Filters? Filtering Tag Fields

App\User::search("Search Query", function($index){
    return $filter->geoFilter("location", 5.56475, 5.75516, 100)
                  ->numericFilter('age', 18, 32)

What now?

See the Laravel Scout documentation for additional information.